Customs Duties on Import to Ukraine from EEC in 2017

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In 2017 new customs rates on import from EES will be applied – according  to the settled trade agreement  between EES countries and Ukraine –  such information was made public by the Ministry of Economic Development, in order to help Ukrainian enterprises working with import and export of goods from the EU.

The European Commission ExportHelpdesk c 1 January 2017 provided access to its website in the section “Me export”, which allows you to find out the amount of import duty rates for goods of different categories.

According to the decree, in 2017, a certain number of goods will be subject to the GSP regime and import duty rates will be significantly lower than those in force, which will also be reflected in the agreed list of imported goods, with the KH EC code.

In order to receive the appropriate privileges and opportunities to draw up customs declarations and documents for supplied goods, listed in the agreement on the free trade regime, it is necessary to obtain from the authorities of UKRINFORM the certificate of the form EUR.1 for transportation of goods, as well as to issue a certificate in the CCI for customs clearance Form A goods, for work in GSP mode.

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